Socio-economic survey on Data collection at Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Date: 20 - 24 September 2011
Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

1. Socio-economic survey with small-scale fishermen
2. To interview Head of fisheries community and local government


20 September 2011

0835- 0915

Leave from BKK to Hanoi


Visit National Agro-Forestry Fisheries Quality Assurance office


Leave from Hanoi to Quang Ninh Province

21 September 2011

0800- 1000

Visit Quang Ninh Office and get more information on fisheries of Van Don District


Leave from Quang Ninh Office to Van Don District


Interview fishermen

22 September 2011

0900- 1600

Continue interview fishermen

23 September 2011

0900- 1200

Survey to take photo on location of fishing port, fishing boat and fishing gear


Leave from Van Don District to Hanoi

24 September 2011

0915- 1115

Leave from Hanoi to BKK


This survey aim to find socio-economic information that was conducted in Van Don District, it is located in Halong City of Quang Ninh province. For Quang Ninh province is a large province located along the northeastern coast of Vietnam. The provincial capital is Ha Long. Nearly 80 percent of the province is mountainous with abundant land, forest water and mineral resources. Nearly 90 percent of coal output in the country is extracted in this province. The province covers an area of 6,099 square kilometers and as of 2008 it had a population of 1,109,600 people. There are around 2,000 island in Quang Ninh province and the length of shore line is 250 Km.

The visiting Quang Ninh fisheries office to get information about fisheries sector of Van Don District, Quang Ninh province. For occupation aquaculture is the main of agriculture career for Van Don District. Fishing gears that were use in Van Don are Hook and line, Fish net, crab net, squid trap. For more information about fisheries problem, the Quang Ninh fisheries office informed that now number of fishermen are increasing in during 10 years, therefore fisheries product more harvested but the fishermen income do not increase because fishermen have to add more fishing effort. It’s mean more high operating cost. Moreover, they lack of information of coastal area resources for good management practice.

In Van Don District, there is the model of co-management project. It was started from 2008 until now by local government and also they have Marine Protected Area (MPA) for Sea warm. The regulation for MPA is closing season in 1st April to June annually, in this period, fishermen were not allowed to fishing. However, they can catch Sea warm in the size below 100 cm. Another Plan of Quang Ninh fishery office is introducing other job opportunity to reduce fishing in Van Don area by training other occupation for example, tourism. Moreover, they also have fish releasing in fish day annually for marine and fresh water to rehabilitate fisheries resources.

4 fishing communes were interviewed namely Commune no.1 (18 person), no.2 (13 person), no.8 (9 person), and no.9 (10 person). The total interviewee was 50 persons. Fishing gears that were used in Van Don area, were fish net, crab gill net, long line, squid trap, shrimp net, trawler, bottom gill net, jelly fish, drift met, dredge, fish trap and hook and line. The target species were fish (for example Tuna Grouper and Sardine), squid, blue swimming crab and jelly fish.