Monitoring at Nam Oon Dam, Sakon Nakhon Province

Date: 22-26 February 2015
Venue: Sakon Nakhon Province


1. Monitoring fish catch at before and after close season (16 April - 15 August) by logbook with 16 middleman and 96 fishermen around Nam Oon Dam

2. Preparation of community rule signboard, which contain the close season period, prohibited fishing gear and conservation zone.


SEAFDEC/TD, DOF from Head Quarter and Local Fisheries Officers of Nam Oon Dam organized the meeting and discussion on regulation of closed season for 16 villages around Nam Oon Dam. The meeting organized at four points, one point composed of four villages. The first point composed of Baan Klog Pha Kaew, Baan Don Kam Pho, Baan Na Chuak, and Baan Nong Bua. The second point composed of Baan Na Tan, Baan Na Rao, Baan Hoy Buun, and Baan Nong Phue. The third point composed of Baan Kud Ta Kab, Baan Thai Charoen, Baan Na Kam and Baan Nong Ping. The fourth point composed of Baan Kok Manow, Baan Nong Yah Thium, Baan Klang and Baan Kok Suuk.

There were two main objectives of the meeting; 1) To explain measurement of closed season by using signboard, which would be setup at every village, 2) To select 4-6 volunteer fishermen of each community for catch data recording in logbook, and also select one middleman per one area to record the data. The signboard have four main information (Fig. 1); 1) Map of Nam Oon Dam with location of 16 villages, 2) Name and picture of prohibited fishing gear in whole year, 3) Name and picture of fishing gear which allow for fishing at closed season (16 April-15August), and 4) Name and picture of fishing gear which allow for fishing before and after closed season. For the logbook, it composed of 45 pages, one page composed of type of fishing gear, date, total catch, species and map of Nam Oon Dam (for recording the fishing area). This logbook would be starting record from 1 March to 15 April.

During the meeting, SEAFDEC’s staff also explained the importance of catch data recording, which is necessary for fisheries management plan of Nam Oon Dam. After fished the meeting with 16 villages, there were 64volunteers of fishermen and 4 middlemen for catch data recording.