Socio-Economic Survey at Marang District, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Date: 18-22 October 2011
Marang District, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Conducted Socio-economic survey with small-scale fishermen at Marang District, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia


18 October 2011

Leave BKK for Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

19 October 2011

Visit Marang District Fisheries Office, Kuala Terangganu and discuss with Marang District Fisheries Office

Interview fishermen at Kuala Marang fishing Village and Jumbu Bongkok fishing Village

20 October 2011

Visit Cenderings fishing port, landing and selling of fish

Interview fishermen at Gong Balai fishing Village

21 October 2011

Interview fishermen at Merchang fishing Village

22 October 2011

Leave Kuala Terengganu for BKK

Kuala Terengganu is situated in north-eastern Penisular Malaysia, and divide into seven administrative districts; Besut, Dungun, Hulu Terengganu, Kemaman, Kuala Terengganu, Marang and Setiu. The Socio-Economic survey was conducted during 19-21 October 2011 in Marang District which is located in the South China Sea Coast. The main economic activity in Marang is fisheries. The objective of this survey aim to understand the current status, problem, need and some attitude on job opportunity and climate change of small-scale fisheries in Southeast Asia, and Malaysia is one country of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Taufik Bin Che Embong, head of Marang District Fisheries Office, give a short brief on small-scale fishing activities in Marang District and discussed with SEAFDEC/TD team on survey plan. The total small-scale fishermen were 1,780, and the number of fishing boats were 714. The fisheries production in 2010 is 970.41 metric ton. The fishing grounds in Malaysia divided into 3 main zone; Zone A, Zone B and Zone C. The total of fishing engines were 627,480 of outboard fishing boat and 147 of inboard fishing boat.

There are 9 main landing sites in Marang District, Jumbu Bongkok, Gong Balai, Merchang, Pulau Terengganu, Kelulut, Rhu Muda, Kuala Merang, Rhusila and Cendeng. Socio-economic survey conducted in 4 villages namely Kuala Marang (8 persons), Jambu Bongkok (15 persons), Gong Balai (12 persons) and Merchang of Marang District (18 persons). The total respondents were 53 fishermen.

The main fishing gears were drift gill net and hook and line. The main fish species were Indian mackerel, Scad and Threadfin Bream. Most of fishing boat in Marang were outboard, and almost of fishing boat and fishing gear were registered.
Beside, the main problems of fishermen in the area are encroachment by illegal fishing, shallow of the river mouth and fisheries resources are decreasing. In addition, the biggest port of Marang District is Cenderings fishing port, this port is for the commercial fishing boat in Zone B and C.