Socio-economic survey at Zambales, the Philippines

Date: 30 August - 3 September 2011
Venue: Zambales, the Philippines

1. Socio-economic survey with small-scale fishermen
2. To interview Local government officer and Head of fisheries community


30 August 2011

Leave BKK for Manila

31 August 2011

Visit and discussion at Regional office in San Fernando, Pampanga (Zambales is under this jurisdiction) and Interview fishermen at Sta. Cruz Municipality, Zambales

1 August 2011

Interview fishermen at Candelaria, Masinloc, Botolan Municipality, Zambales

2 August 2011

Interview fishermen at Subic Municipality, Zambales

3 August 2011

Leave Manila for BKK


The survey was conducted by 2 SEAFDEC/TD staff and 3 staff from Philippines, Ms. Rosarie Arreza, Mr. Nelson B. Bien and Ms. Romina V. Yutuc. In this regards, Ms. Rosarie Arreza from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Headquarter (BFAR) accompanied to visit Regional office in San Fernando, Pampanga that Zambales is under this jurisdiction and discuss with Mr. Nelson B. Bien and Ms. Romina V. Yutuc about Zambales fishing area including survey planning.

Zambales located at the western coast of Central Luzon facing the China Sea compromising 13 Coastal Municipalities namely: Olongapo, Subic, San Antonio, San Narciso, San Felipe, Cabangan, Botolan, Iba, Palauig, Masinloc, Candelaria and Sta. Cruz. The total coastal village is 69 villages and major species caught are tuna, scad, mackerel, squid and mollusk. The main fishing gears are hook and line, gill net, lift net, bag net, etc.

Socio-Economic survey by interviewing fishermen in 5 Coastal Municipalities namely: Sta. Cruz (13 respondents), Candelaria (8 respondents), Masinloc (11 respondents), Botolan (9 respondents) and Subic (8 respondents). The total respondent was 49 respondents of 5 Municipalities. In addition, most fishermen use hook and line for fishing, and Tuna is main target species. The fishermen keep their fish caught for consumption before sell to consumer. Some fishermen use a non-motorized fishing boat, and they complain about the bad weather rainy and stormy.