Socio-economic survey at Pangnga and Suratthani Province, Thailand

Date: 1-7 August 2011
Venue: Pangnga and Suratthani Province, Thailand

1. To visit Provincial Fisheries Office
2. To interview Local officer of DOF, Tambol Administrative Organization (TAO), and Socio-economic survey with fishermen


1 August 2011

Leave SEAFDEC/TD for Phangnga Province

2 August 2011

Visit Phangnga Provincial Fisheries Officer and Interview fishermen

3 August 2011

Continue interview fishermen

4 August 2011

Interview fishermen and leave for Surattani Province

5 August 2011

Visit Surattani Provincial Fisheries Officer and Interview fishermen

6 August 2011

Continue interview fishermen

7 August 2011

Leave for SEAFDEC/TD


SEAFDEC staff visited Pangnga Provincial office and meet Mr. Peera Aosomboon to talk about Klongkian fishing area for interviewing fishermen. In addition, he discussed the problem encountered in the fishing area, including klongkian fishing area overlap with the National Park area cause of difficult to control, food safety and illegal fishing gear. He added that the fishermen interest in eco-tourism, they can earn income by renting boat. Furthermore, SEAFDEC also visited Klongkian Tambol Administrative Organization (TAO) to talk about basic information on fishing Community.

For interviewing, Mr. Thamrongsak Ruangrat, provincial fisheries officer, and Mr. Kordech Chortang from Klongkian TAO were kindly suggested and find the fishermen for interview. The target village was four village namely Moo 2 Ban Hinrom, Moo 3 Ban Choakhrua, Moo 7 Ban Hadsinepuanghoi, that the respondents have 21, 11, 9 and 11 persons respectively, totally 52 persons. In addition, most fishermen in Klongkian are Muslim and they use shrimp trammel net and crab gill net for fishing.

In Chumphon Province, SEAFDEC team visited Thachana Fisheries District office to meet Mr. Sompong Chumchuen and talk about the village for collecting data. For the Socio-Economic survey in Moo 7 Banpaknamthakajai, total respondent was 51 fishermen. The main fishing gears in this area are crab gill net, squid cast net, crab trap and Indo-Pacific mackerel gill net.