Socio-Economic Survey at Kali Baru Village, Cilincing sub-district, North Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 3-7 November 2011
Kali Baru Village, Cilincing sub-district, North Jakarta, Indonesia

To conduct Socio-economic survey with small-scale fishermen at Kali Baru Village, North Jakarta, Indonesia


3 November 2011

Leave BKK for Jakarta

4 November 2011

Visit North Jakarta fisheries office and discuss on North Jakarta fisheries

Move to Kali Baru and visit Pancing Kali Baru Fisher group

Visit Raja Baca Fisher group

Visit Lentera Bahari Fisher group

5 November 2011

Interview fishermen of Pancing Kali Baru Fisher group and Raja Baca Fisher group Kalibaru

6 November 2011

Interview fishermen of Lentera Bahari Fisher group Kalibaru

7 November 2011

Leave for BKK

This Socio-economic survey conducted in Kali Baru village, Cilincing sub-district, North Jakarta, Indonesia during 3-7 November 2011, to make understanding on the status, problem, need and some attitude on job opportunity and climate change of small-scale fisheries in Indonesia as the one country in Southeast Asia.

Cilincing is a sub-district of Noth Jakarta that is one of the five cities of Jakarta, Indonesia and contains the entire coastal area. The sub-district of Cilincing is divided into seven Villages: Kali Baru, Cilincing, Semper Barat, Semper Timur, Sukapura, Rorotan, Marunda.

Visiting North Jakarta fisheries office, Ms. Ir. Sri Wahyuni Sewsusiwati, gave a short brief on North Jakarta fisheries, the total number of fishermen in North Jakarta was 18,996 persons including Settler Fishermen and Migrant Fishermen and the total number of fishing vessels were 3,161 units. The number of fish production in fish landing site of Kalibaru was 578,653 kg./year. There were 4 fisher groups in Kali Baru, which out of 27 fisher groups in North Jakarta. DOF has a program to provide budget around 1,000,000 Rupiah transferred to fisher groups and also made the guideline for fishermen.

Visiting the Pancing Kali Baru Fisher Group, Mr. Jumani, head of fishermen explained on the group that the total number of fishermen was about 20 fishermen. Most fishermen used hand line and gill net for fishing. This fisher group was registered by sub-district and received budget from Agency. After that, SEAFDEC team visited the Raja Baca Fisher Group, Mr. Mohamad Muali, head of fishermen mentioned that the main fishing gear of the group was gill net. This group established on 16 January 2008, and the number of member was 15 persons. They encouraged women to establish the women group, which produced fish processing product. Beside, the team also visited the Lentera Bahari Fisher Group, Mr. Saeful Bahri, head of fishermen explained that the group was established one year ago and the total member was 60 persons. Gill net was the main fishing gear for member. This group encouraged the member and women on saving money activities and women group.

The data collection was conducted in Kali Baru Village by interviewing fishermen from 3 fisher groups namely; Pancing Kali Baru Fisher Group (24 persons), Raja Baca Fisher Group (14 persons) and Lentera Bahari Fisher Group (19 persons), by using the questionnaire. In addition, the fisher groups were identified by main fishing gear used. The total number of respondent was 57 persons. Most fishermen used hand line and gill net for fishing. Kali Baru is an industry area, so they faced the problems on water pollution from chemical industry, harbor and oil refinery.