The Conclusive National Workshop on Guideline and Standard Method of Data Collection and Indicator in Myanmar

Date: 8 - 10 December 2009
Venue: Fisheries Federation Building, Yangon in Myanmar

The objectives of the national workshop:

1. To share problems, idea and experience on using the formatted log sheet for data collection

2. To discuss on properly justifying the formatted log sheet for large-scale fisheries, small-scale fisheries; and local fishers’ participation in filling out the log sheet

3. To discuss on adopting the formatted log sheet for using in the whole nation to achieve the standard of data collection

4. To discuss on a design of standard method of data collection manual for publication and distribution.

The participants consisted of fisheries biologists from the Department of Fisheries of Myanmar who also participated in the first workshop (around 50 persons) as well as SEAFDEC staff and resource person from Thailand. The Director of Fisheries Supervision and Revenue Division of Myanmar, Mr. Khin Maung Win welcomed the Thai resource person, Myanmar officials, SEAFDEC staff and the participants to the workshop. He emphasized that the log sheet designed in the first workshop had been tried and the problems encountered would be discussed at this workshop. He also reiterated the importance of data collection for better management of fisheries which could be achieved by using standard log sheets. He declared the workshop opened.

The moderator of the workshop, Mr. Khin Maung Soe led the workshop to keep going by inviting Dr. Phattareeya Suanrattanachai to present the background of the workshop including the objectives and the expected outcomes. Then the participants were divided into two groups with Group 1 discussing small-scale fisheries and Group 2 for large-scale fisheries. During the discussion, Dr. Yuttana Theparoonrat and Dr. Phattareeya Suanrattanachai gave comments and suggestions on the proposed revision of the log sheet made by Group 1. As the resource person of the workshop, Ms. Rattanawalee Phoonsawat gave suggestions on the proposed revision made by Group 2 on the log sheet. Each group were encouraged to share their problems, ideas and experiences on the use of the formatted log sheets and discussed on further adopting the log sheet.

After the discussion, each group presented their new formatted log sheets and received comments and suggestions from the SEAFDEC staff and the resource person. After Dr. Yuttana, Dr. Phattareeya and Ms. Rattanawalee gave their short speeches and thanked the participants for their active involvement in the workshop, Mr. Khin Maung Soe declared the workshop closed.