Training on Facilitating Fisheries Information Gathering through Introduction of Community-based Fisheries Management

Date: 14-16 January 2014
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1. To strengthen knowledge and skill of the participants on the effective fishery information gathering and data collection in coastal small-scale and inland fisheries in Malaysia.
2. To find out idea for solving the difficulties and problems of fishery information gathering and data collection in Malaysia.
3. Able to set up CBFM communities in Malaysia in closed areas e.g. Lakes and rivers.  Resources will be maintained by locals advised by the department.

Conclusion of the training

The training was attended by the representative of fisheries officers, totally 25 persons. The training was started by SEAFDEC's presentations: 1. The importance of resource management for sustainable fisheries, 2. Appropriate Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS) need for resource management in conjunction with community based co-management, 3. Community-based fisheries management: Importance of autonomous fisheries management by community, 4. How to introduce and facilitate community-based fisheries management to fisheries community,  5. Rights-based fisheries management and support system (Extension work) by government, 6. Concept and effective Methodology on Data Collection, 7. Data collection through CBFM, 8. Improving management of financial and economic activities including promotion of alternative livelihood in fishing communities, 9. Ecosystem approach to fisheries management, and 10. Case study on Community-based management in Nam Houm Reservoir.

In addition, the training conducted the workshop by divided the participant into 4 groups. The participants have to present a case study in their responsible area on community-based management. Therefore, there were 4 case study area namely, 1) Kampong Tok Jembal, Seberang Takir, Kuala Terengganu, 2) Tanjong Berembang, Pulau Pinang, 3) Selangor, 4) Langkawi. In addition, many areas in Malaysia are apply the community-based management. However, there are still have some problems such as lacking of financial management skills, encroachment of trawlers. The resource persons and participants had exchange the ideas and experiences to overcome these problems and the way forward for appropriate CBFM in Malaysia.