Report trip for Resources Management Survey at Klong Kone Sub-District, Samut Songkhram Province

Date: 21 November 2013

1. To collect data on meal serving activity of KKMCC eco-tourism.
2. To collect data on involvement of KKMCC eco-tourism.

The Social team interviewed Mr. Phenithi (Chet) Rattanapongthara, leader of Klong Kone Mangrove Conservation Center (KKMCC), about the number of member and number of visitor. He explained that there are 138 members in KKMCC, who come from Village no. 2, 3, 5 and 7. However, member of KKMCC mostly stay in Village no.2 and 3, they earn income from boat rental for eco-tourism. The member from village no. 5 and 7 can gain income from take care of sea hut, they receive 50 baht per 1 visitor. He also explained on the mangrove planting areas which cover around 12,000 Rai. For the percentage of visitor in this year, He mention that 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of visitors are Education Institute, Company, Government, and Tourist (foreigners), respectively.  

The Social team interview Ms. Sarunya (Nui) Rattanapongthara, who in charge of prepare food for visitors. She said that the members of meal serving activity has 5 persons and the menu of food serving are created depend on material and favorable dish for tourist. They buy all material from Maekong market. They can get 300 baht/time for cooking. If the tourists stay overnight, they can get 500 baht/time.

To study the opinion of fisher on the fisheries resources and natural environment while the eco-tourism has operated, the social team conducted data collection by interviewing the fishers who do not involve in eco-tourism activities. The main target group of sample is fisher in Village no.2 and 3 and total number of fisher interviewed is 9 fishers. Most fisher do fishing by collect cockle, green mussel culturing and some fisher have shrimp aquaculture.