Report on collecting the secondary data at Chumphon Province (Under SEAFDEC-RIHN Project)

Date: 10-13 October 2013


In consistence with the SEAFDEC-RIHN project, Component 4: Field survey for data and information collection of social and economic aspects. On 19-23 August 2013, the SEAFDEC-RIHN team collected the primary data by interviewing the fishermen in 4 sub-districts in Chumphon Province, which is the one project site for component 4 It is important to gather the secondary data in each Sub-District. This survey therefore aim to collect the secondary data from fisheries officer in four sub-districts namely, Bang Son, Sa Phli, Chum Kho, and Pak Khlong Sub-District.

In addition, GEF International Waters would like to product the short film to be shown at the 7th Biennial International Waters Conference in October of year 2013. The film is emphasized on the importance of Fish Refugia in the South China Sea. Chumphon is the one province which effective on Fish Refugia implementation by Department of Fisheries, Thailand. Therefore, this trip cooperated with GEF International Waters to interview and take VDO of the fishermen who are main local beneficiaries from Fish Refugia in Chumphon Province.


1. To collect the secondary data at Pathew District, Chumphon Province, which is one part of RIHN project site at Bang Sapan Bay on 10-13 October 2013.
2. To counterpart with FAO/UNEP/GEF on interview and take VDO with Pakklong Fishers Group at Pathew District, Chumphon Province on 12 October 2013.

 Discussion with Pakklong Fishers group leader.
SEAFDEC team visited Pakklong Fishers group leader, Mr. Wara Ket-umpai, on 10 October 2013, Ms. Sumitra explained the objectives of this trip to group leader.  After that, SEAFDEC team visited the fisheries officer in 4 Sub-District namely, Bang Son, Saphli, Chum Kho, and Pak Khlong Sub-District at Pathew District to collect the data. The main data and information are general information and socio-economic information in Sub-District. For example, location and territory, total area, boundary of village, population number, infrastructure, and occupation. According to collect the data, Mr. Pisut Krutpuksri, officer of Pathew Sub-District Fisheries Officer, and Mr. Narong Moungthongkum, fisher's group member, kindly assisted the team to collect the data in each Sub-District.

At Bang Son Sub-District, Bang Son Sub-District Administrative Organization (SAO) is changed to Tambon Bang Son Municipality since year 2009. There are 7 villages which comprised of Moo 1. Ban Na Thap, Moo 2. Ban Don Takien, Moo 3. Ban Ko Samed, Moo 4. Ban Bang Seap, Moo 5. Ban Huanon, Moo 6. Ban Kokmar, and Moo 8. Ban Laem Yang (Moo 7. is under Tambon Pathew Municipality). Only Moo 1 and 8 are adjacent to the sea. The population in this municipality is 3,178 persons (male is 1,583 and female is 1,595 persons) and it has 1,204 households. The area under the administration of municipality is 83.87 sq. km. The main occupations are agriculture such as palm, rubber, coconut farm.

At Saphli Sub-District, there are two administrations namely, Tambon Sa Phli Municipality and Sub-District Administrative Organization. SEAFDEC team visied both two administrations. Tambon Sphli Municipality has area for administration around 6.15 sq. km. comprised of four villages that are all area of Moo 5. Ban Chai Talay, and some area of Moo 1. Ban Nong Plalai, Moo 4. Ban Khoun, Moo 9. Ban Huayta-oon, which Moo 1. and Moo 5. are close to the sea. Moreover, the administration of Tambon Saphli Municipality has divided into 3 communities that are Ban Thasamed community, Ban Tonmakham community, and Ban Chai Talay community. The main occupations are agriculture (coconut, rubber, palm farm) and shrimp farm in some areas. The population around 2,274 persons divided into male 1,106 and female 1,168 persons, and 942 households.

In addition, the total area under the administration of Saphli SAO has area around 82 sq. km. There are covered of 10 villages (it's comprised of all area of Moo 2. Ban Pakklong, Moo 3. Ban Donka, Moo 6. Ban Pruyai, Moo 7. Ban Klongyai, Moo 8. Ban Thungwualaen, Moo 10. Ban Khaolukklong, Moo 11. Ban Prupling, and some areas of Moo 1. Ban Nong Plalai, Moo 4. Ban Khoun, Moo 9. Ban Huayta-oon) in which 2 villages (Moo 1. and Moo. 8) near to the sea. Furthermore, the population is 5,689 persons divided into male 2,756 and female 2,933 persons, and 2,199 households. The main occupations are agriculture, fisheries and trade.

Tambon Chum Kho Municipality has area to administrate around 197 sq. km. The total population is 10,225 persons divided into male 5,051 and female 5,174 persons. The total household in this municipality is 4,351 households. The main occupations are agriculture (palm, rubber, durian farm), fisheries and labor. This municipality cover 14 villages (Moo 1. Ban Laem Than, Moo 2. Ban Don Sai, Moo 3. Ban Tam Khao Puu, Moo 4. Ban Klong Wong Chang, Moo 5. Ban Bang Jak, Moo 6. Ban Bo Mao, Moo 7. Ban Sapsomboon, Moo 8. Ban Chongmud, Moo 9. Ban Don Plug Moo, Moo 10. Ban Ko Phoom, Moo 11. Ban Thung Yor, Moo 12. Ban Chumsap, Moo 13. Ban Somboonsuk, Moo 14. Ban Pra Cha Ti Patai). There are only Moo 1, 2, 5, and 6 near the sea.   

Pak Klong Sub-District has area 117 sq. km. and it's under administration of Pak Klong Sub-District Administrative Organization. There are 7 villages namely, Moo 1. Ban Thungmaha, Moo 2. Ban Bo Sam Rong, Moo 3. Ban Thum Thong, Moo 4. Ban Bang Waen, Moo 5. Ban Nam Phu, Moo 6. Ban Bon Rai, Moo 7. Ban Tha Add, in which Moo. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 near the sea. Fisheries and agriculture are the main occupation of this Sub-District. The total population is 4,415 persons comprised of male 2,167 and female 2,248 persons. The number of household is 1,537 households.  

At Pathew District Office, SEAFDEC team collected more data on socio-economic information that was  Basic Minimum Need (BMN) information and NRD2C information of Pathew District because some information especially income cannot find in Sub-District level.  Moreover, the officer gave us the soft file data, which can open in the Program of BMN and NRD2C.   

Making VDO of the Fish Refugia in Pak Klong Sub-District
On 12 October, GEF International Waters with the collaboration of SEAFDEC team to make a short film by interviewing the fishermen who are beneficially on Fish Refugia at Pak Klong Sub-District. After discussed with Mr. Wara , head of fisher group, and Mr. Songkran Boonlear, fisher group member, on the plan to make a film, GEF team was start by interviewing the fisher group member on the importance and benefits from Fish Refugia. The Fish Refugia has benefit to fisherman and also fisheries resources. The fisherman found that fish is increasing after area closed during 15 February to 15 May. Due to, some fishing gears (i.e. push net except push net which have boat length lower than 14 meter, can do fishing outside 3 km. from the shore)  are not allow to do fishing during the close season. In addition, GEF team also interviewed the head of fisher group on the fisheries management in Pak Klong Sub-District, Pathew District.