Report Trip for Household Survey at Pathew District, Chumphon Province

Date: 19-23 August 2013

1. To study on fisheries management by coastal small-scale fishers group
2. To study the structure of fish distribution from fishermen to middleman


19 August 2013
Social team left BKK for at Baan Koh Teap (village no.7), Pak Khlong Sub-District, Pathew District, Chumphon Province to observe on small-scale fisheries. The main fishing gears are collapsible crab trap and bottom gill net. The main species is blue swimming crab. This village is famous on crab bank activity, which is one fisheries management approach.  Crab bank system of this village is original to other coastal areas in Thailand, almost of gravid crab for crab bank donated by collapsible crab trap fishermen.

20 August 2013
In the morning, social team visited and reverenced head of Chumphon Fisheries Provincial, Mr. Somyos Sukcharoen. Social team explained the objectives of project and the survey. We got a lot of information on number of fishing boat, fishing gear, total catch of each fishing gear by logbook and type of fisheries management project, which DOF supported budget and material to coastal area at Pathew District. After discussion with Fisheries Provincial, we moved to Pak Khlong Sub-District, which we had appointment with Mr. Wara Ket-umpai, leader of Pak Khlong Fishers Group. Social team had interview the leader, 2 fishermen (group member), and 4 middlemen of Pak Khlong Sub-District. The main fishing gears are squid castnet and the main species is Splendid squid (loligo duvauceli).
 21 August 2013
In the morning, social team met Mr. Pisuthi Kuthpaksri, head of Pathew Fisheries Officer at Saphli Sub-District. He was counterpart with our team to visit representative of coastal small-scale fishers group of Saphli Sub-District. In addition, Mr. Narong had been leader of coastal small-scale fishers group of Saphi Sub-District but his group was collapsed at last 10 years because financial system is not transparency, one committee escaped with group’s capital. The social team interviewed 2 middlemen and 3 fishermen of Saphli Sub-District. The main fishing gear is bottom gill net, and main species is blue swimming crab. In the afternoon, social team visited Bang son and Chum Kho Sub-District with Mr. Pisuthi. The fishermen of two Sub-District are closely friend because they used the same cannel to packing fishing boat. This cannel is multipurpose for fishermen. It is for boat packing, transportation and fish cage culture. The main species of fish cage culture is sea bass. About 10 fishermen of Bang-son Sub- District have fish cage culture in this cannel. We interviewed one middleman from Chum Kho and 2 middlemen from Bang son.

22 August 2013
In the morning, SEAFDEC team visited Pak Khlong Sub-District, to interview more fishermen and middlemen. We have interviewed more 3 samples of fisheries management and 2 middlemen in village no. 3 and village no. 7 of Pak Khlong Sub-District.

For Fish distribution
1. Dry squid in Pak Khlong Sub-District;
The main species in Pak Khlong Sub-District is squid by squid castnet fishing gear. There are 5 small-middlemen in Pak Khlong Sub-District. They buy fresh squid and making dry squid and then sent product to big middleman in Pak Khlong Sub-District. There are 10-15 fishermen of squid castnet are under one small middleman. Every morning, small middleman would buy fresh squid from fishermen and make it dry about half day (depend on sun shine), this step small middleman would engage women in village for cutting squid and dry. The rate for cutting is 5 Baht per kg of fresh squid and rate for drying is 10 Baht per one basket. Then they would bring product to sale big middleman by size selection (10 sizes start from one inch to 10 inch) before sale but small middleman would buy fresh squid from fishermen only 3 size.

2. Mud crab in Saphli Sub-District;
Saphli Sub-District have a lot of mangrove forest and one main species of this area is mud crab. There are two middlemen in Saphli Sub-District, who buy mud crab from fishermen. After middlemen buy mud crab from fishermen, they will start by; 1) selecting the best crab of male and female. The best crab should be heavy weigh (if light crab, it will be culture to soft shell crab). 2) good crab will be separated to male and female, 3) male crab will be selected to 4 sizes, 200 g, 250 g, 300 g, and 350 g. 4) female crab will be selected to 4 sizes also, but the weight is difference by 300 g, 400 g, 450 g, and 500 g. 5) cutting rope from mud crab and release to each box and put in tank with sea water, this way will be removed mud from mud crab and make them to be stronger. Some mud crab will sell at front of middlemen house. Trader from local market will buy to sell at market.