Report Trip for Resources Management Survey at Klong Kone Sub-District, Samut Songkhram Province

Date: 13-16 August 2013

Regarding to SEAFDEC-RIHN project on "Coastal Area Capability Enhancement in Southeast Asian", social team plan to conduct social survey in 2013, which composed fisheries household survey, fish distribution of middleman and fisheries management approach in Rayong and Prachaup Kiri Khan Province. In fact, eco-tourism approach is one approach of fisheries management for coastal area in Thailand, and mangrove forest in Klong Kone Sub-District, Samut Songkhram Province is successful fisheries management by eco-tourism approach. SEAFDEC-RIHN Project plan to conduct eco-tourism in Klong Kone on 13-16 August 2013 including study the system and structure in wholesale fish market.

1. Study on structure and process to establish eco-tourism.
2. Study on role of leader, member, governor and non-member (neighbor).
3. Study on principle system and structure of wholesale fish market in Thailand.

 13 August 2013
SEAFDEC’s team, RIHN’s team and KU’s staff had a meeting at Thanicha Resort, Samut Songkhram Province, to discussion on survey plan and questionnaire design. Dr. Miyata has designed two draft questionnaires for leader of each activity and member of Klong Kone Mangrove Conservation Center (KKMCC). The result of meeting, the main questions of each questionnaire had improved and adjusted for more understanding, but the survey method was not clearing. We need to interview leader of KKMCC at tomorrow for more understand the structure and system management of eco-tourism, and who are responsibility on each activities, to be interview and planning the survey plan.

14 August 2013
In the morning, social team visited KKMCC to observe and interview leader and some heads of each activity.  In this day, KKMCC had one group visitor. After group tour went to operate activities at sea, our team started to interview Mr. Phenithi (Chet) Rattanapongthara, leader of KKMCC.

15 August 2013
In the morning, social team visited KKMCC again to interview head of each activity and some members.  There are five main groups activity  to operate eco-tourism in this center, which composed boat rental/mud-ski group, food service (restaurant) group, Mangrove reforestation group, Homestay group both in marine and inland.

16 August 2013
In the early morning, social team visited Maeklong Fisheries Cooperative, by walking around to see fish market activities, including interviewing and discussion with Ms. Boonsiri, manager of Maeklong Fisheries Cooperative, on history of establishment, and cooperative system.  After that, social team moved to Talay Thai Fish Market, Samut Sakorn Province. Mr. Sithavi Suwattanachai, manager of Talay Thai Fish Market, welcomed and gave a lot information on history and market system.