Set-net fishers’ group and local government surveys

Report on conducted the set net fishers’ group and local government surveys, Muang District, Rayong Province on 13-15 February 2007

Objective of the survey
To conduct survey entitled “the role and function of the set net fisher’s group to coastal fisheries management: the case of Rayong Province, Thailand”.
To conduct survey named “the Attitude of TAO and local government agencies on Set-Net Fisheries and its Technology Transfer for Coastal Fisheries Management”.

List of research scientist attached to Fishery Governance and Management System Section
Phattareeya Suanrattanachai
Pattarajit Kaewnuratchadasorn
Narumol Thubtim

Mission practiced

Three SEAFDEC research scientists visited the EMDEC staff concerned the set net fisheries project to get information of the set net fishers’ group and local government involved in the project. The EMDEC staff kindly explained how to contact and approach the member of the fishers’ group and local government. So far, the EMDEC staff helped to make an appointment with the Plae municipal mayor and committee for conducting interview.
The SEAFDEC staff could make an interview with the Plae municipal mayor and the committee member totally 7 persons from 15 committee member. Both the Plae municipal mayor and committee member positively participated in interview. Particular, the mayor personally had a positive thinking to seek for a chance to expand number of the set net fisheries to other fishers.

The SEAFDEC staff also had a chance to meet the head of Tapong sub-district administrative organization (TAO). Here, the head of the TAO kindly explained how the TAO plan to develop both agriculture and fisheries sectors in its owned boundary and what was the limitation of the TAO development. The SEAFDEC staff conducted an interview with the members of the set net fishers’ group on Mae Rampueng Beach. These respondents kindly and well participated to give information by answering into the questionnaire.

The member of the set net fishers’ group totally had twelve member at recent. Eleven members were completely interviewed. Other one member left was planned to conduct an interview when the SEAFDEC staff came to join the monthly between SEAFDEC, EMDEC and the fishers’ group in February. The SEAFDEC discussed and exchanged information gained from the survey with EMDEC staff to have the same common understanding on the present situation of the fishers’group and its activities and functions.