Regional Workshop on Set-net Fishing Technology

Eastern Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center (EMDEC)
Rayong, Thailand
12 - 14 December 2007

Back Ground :
Since the Resolution and Plan of Action on sustainable Fisheries for Food Security for the ASEAN Region was adopted in the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Millennium Conference in November 2001, SEAFDEC Training Department has implemented a project on Coastal Fisheries Management under ASEAN-SEAFDEC Fisheries Consulting Group (FCG) scheme.

In 2003, a project on Introduction of Set-net Fishing was initiated to support the development of Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Management in the coastal area of Rayong Province, through the Japanese Trust Fund I Program (Coastal Fisheries Management).  The project has been carried out for 2 years during 2003 – 2005, with the achievement and satisfaction by the small-scale fishermen who participated the project. Then the project has been continued under the collaboration between local fishermen from Mae Rumpheung beach small-scale fisher group, and local technical officers of the Department of Fisheries, Thailand (Eastern Marine Fisheries Research and Development, EMDEC) of Rayong Province. The project has been renamed as to be “Rayong Set-Net project” under the technical supports and advices from Himi set-net fisheries cooperative, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) and SEAFDEC Training Department (SEAFDEC/TD). The concept of Set-Net was recommended to be applicable for promoting the coastal fisheries management and resources enhancement, with the understanding of needs to have further study for developing appropriate fishing techniques for the tropical waters in the region.

SEAFDEC/TD has been conducting the follow-up activities and Improvement of Set-Net fishing technology transfer for Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Management in collaboration with Rayong Set-Net project since 2005 until the present. It was found that set-net plays an important role for establishing the core as the fishermen’s cooperative activities. It could create the opportunities for many collaborative works among the fishermen and also the local officers. However, the set-net fishing gear is still a new fishing technique for the coastal fishermen in this area, Yet, it also affects the present fishing activities and coastal environment. Therefore, it needs more improvement in both fishing techniques and operation methods.

This workshop will be organized with the aims to evaluate the implementation of Set-Net fishing technology transfer for Sustainable Coastal Fisheries Management, as well as to discuss the faced constraints and future plan for further promotion of an appropriate fishing gear to the fisher in the region, and then to ensure the responsible and collaborative fisheries practices towards the sustainable coastal fisheries management in Southeast Asia. Three-day workshop including half-day on boarding activity for inspecting the fishing operation and marketing management in Rayong Set-Net project will be arranged for giving the full-understanding of on-going project in Rayong, and for gathering the comments and suggestions from the experts and researchers concerned on Set-Net Fishing Technology and Coastal Fisheries Management in the region. An issue on “Can set-net fishing be recommended as an alternative eco-friendly fishing gear for coastal fisher community or not?” will be focused in the wrap-up discussion among participants.

Objectives :

1. To collect and share the information of set-net fishing and stationary fishing gear operated in the Southeast Asia;
2. To observe the set-net project site and exchange the technical opinion among participants;
3. To discuss the difficulties and constraints for trouble-shooting on set-net fishing technology transfer;
4. To evaluate the response for possible acceptance from local fishers and technical staff concerned on set-net fishing technology transfer; and
5. To initiate the regional future plan to promote the set-net fishery for sustainable coastal fisheries management.

Date and Venue :
The workshop is scheduled during the period of 12 – 14 December 2007 and will be held at Eastern Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center (EMDEC) Ban Phe, Rayong Province, Thailand.

Participants :
A representative from Department of Fisheries of Member Countries (Brunei, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia) including Advisors from Japan, Technical staffs from EMDEC, Rayong Provincial Fishery Office and SEAFDEC/TD will participate in the workshop.
Country report with the paper and 20-min power point presentation on set-net/stationary fishing and their management in the country is required for each participant from SEAFDEC member countries.

Expected Outputs :

Sharing the project concept on set-net technology transfer as an Eco-friendly fishing gear for sustainable coastal fisheries management;
Data and information sharing on set-net and stationary fishing gear in the region;
Updating the situation of set-net fishing in each country;
Summarizing the achievements of Set-Net project during the past 4 years; and
Future planning of set-net fishing technology transfer in Southeast Asian region.