Promotion of “One Village, One Fisheries Products (FOVOP)”

Project Title: Promotion of “One Village, One Fisheries Products (FOVOP)” System to Improve the Livelihood for the Fisheries Communities in ASEAN Region

Project Type: Human resources development (HRD) programs mobilizing existing regional technical cooperation schemes and expertise for both awareness building and capacity building on the promotion of active participation of the women’s group in economic activities in the fishing community through the promotion of “one village one fisheries product”(FOVOP) system. 

Executing Agency: The Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) in collaboration with ASEAN Member Countries.

Eligibility: SEAFDEC is an intergovernmental organization established in Southeast Asia being responsible for the promotion of sustainable fisheries. Based on its technical competence in various disciplines of fisheries, SEAFDEC over the last 39 years has played a significant role in fisheries development in the region.

Priority: The lack of alternative livelihood in the fishing communities has been identified as one of the major constraints in achieving sustainable fisheries. The current overcapacity situation that will lead to rural poverty can only be alleviated, if rural economy is practically activated and improved at community level.

Objective: The objective is to promote “One Village, One Fisheries Product (FOVOP)” mobilizing women’s group in the communities to improve the fisheries livelihood.
Participants: 90 government officers being responsible for gender and development and coastal fisheries management either from central or provincial offices of the fisheries related government office of the ASEAN Member Countries. 100 women’s groups living in the selected rural fishing communities will also participate to the national HRD activities.

Project Duration: 24 months

Proposed Commencement Date: October 2007

Proposed Completion Date: September 2009

Sponsor: ASEAN