Report on Follow-up Activities in implementing/promoting Community-based Fisheries Management and Co-management in Nam Oon Dam

Date: 16-20 November 2015
Venue: Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand


1. Monitoring catch data from logbook with 16 fisheries communities around Nam Oon Dam, which collected catch data with 2 period, 1) 1 March – 15 April 2015, 2) 15 August – 31 December 2015; and
2. Monitoring community’s measurement on closing season from rule signboard, which contain the close season period, the allowed date for fishing during closing season, prohibited fishing gear and conservation zone; and
3. Monitoring fish catch by logbook with middleman.


SEAFDEC/TD, DOF from Head Quarter and Local Fisheries Officers of Nam Oon Dam Unit organized the meeting. There were two main objectives; 1) To inform the meeting on the work plan and information, and 2) To make understand with local fisheries officers on attitude questionnaire. 
The meeting was organized with 16 fisheries communities by divided into 4 points (4 communities per one point). The meeting was hold at night time (1800-2000) because most of fishermen have to go for rice field harvesting in daytime. At the meeting, there were two main information; new Thai fisheries laws and establish fisheries community to be organization.
In the evening of each day, we organized the meeting with fishermen at point 1, 2, 3, and 4. Point 1: Baan Kong Paklouy, Baan Dong Kam Pho, Baan NongBau, and Baan Na Chuak. Point 2: Baan Na Lao, Baan Nha Than, Baan Hoy Bun and Baan NongPhu. Point 3: Baan Kok Sung, Baan Klang, Baan KokManow, and Baan NongPhugtiem. Point 4: Baan KudTakap, Baan Thai Charoen, Baan Na Kum, and Baan NongPling.     
Mr. Surachai, Head of Nam Oon Dam Fisheries Management Unit, introduced SEAFDEC and DOF team, and explained the objectives of this meeting, including inform on new Thai fisheries laws, and advantage from fisheries community registration, and the objective of attitude questionnaire. Then let the fisherman filled the questionnaire.
Moreover, we visited landing site at Baan Dong Kum Pho. There were 4 main middlemen in this community. His fishing gear was gill net but there were many mesh size. The main species was Tilapia, goby. At 0300 a.m., SEAFDEC and DOF went to Nam Ooon Dam to observe fishing operation at Nam Oon Dum. We met fishermen, who fishing by gill net and hook & line at fishing ground.
In addition, we got 32 logbooks from 16 fisheries communities. These logbooks started to record catch data from 16 August to mid of November 2015, and logbooks will be continued to recorded until 31 December 2015.

The objective of attitude questionnaire will be evaluated regulation for measurement in Nam Oon Dam, which starting from 16 April to 15 August 2015.  The total of attitude questionnaire was 87.