Symposium on Strategy for Fisheries Resources Enhancement in the Southeast Asian Region

Date: 27-30 July 2015
Venue: Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand

1. Share lessons learned from activities of SEAFDEC member countries and related rganizations as a basis to consider way forward of fisheries resources enhancement in Southeast Asian Region;
2. Identify key factors for successful implementation of fishery resources enhancement; and
3. Develop strategies and policy recommendations for effective implementation of fishery resources enhancement in Southeast Asian Region.

Conclusion of the Symposium

More than 80 participants representing the SEAFDEC Member Countries, namely: Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam attended the Symposium. The SEAFDEC Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, as well as senior officials from TD, AQD, Secretariat, the Marine Fishery Resources Development and Management Department (MFRDMD), and Inland Fishery Resources Development and Management Department (IFRDMD) also attended the Symposium which was designed to serve as a forum to exchange the lessons learned and experiences gained from relevant resources enhancement initiatives of the SEAFDEC Member Countries.

The Symposium was organized with a two-pronged theme;
Theme 1: Fishery Resources Enhancement through Habitat Improvement and Management;
Sub-Theme 1-1: Artificial Reef in Fishery Management
Sub-Theme 1-2: Establishment and Management of Fisheries Refugia
Sub-Theme 1-3: Habitat Rehabilitation (Coral Reef, Seagrass Beds, Mangrove Forests, Inland Habitats)
Theme 2: Fishery Resources Enhancement Through Artificial Propagation and Stock Release
Sub-Theme 2-1: Stock Enhancement and Restocking:  Potentials and Limitations
Sub-Theme 2-2: Release Strategies and Ecological Interaction with Natural Stocks
Sub-Theme 2-3: Aquaculture-based Enhancement and Restoration

Moreover, there were posters exhibition which be arranged in the outside of symposium room. The Symposium was set into motion by the Keynote Paper of Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Fushimi from the Faculty of Life Science and Engineering of Fukuyama University in Hiroshima, Japan, on Improvement of Stocking Activities. His presentation jump-started the foregoing discussions on stock enhancement as means of sustaining the fishery resources for human consumption. With emphasis on actual stock enhancement activities in rural areas, his presentation also broached the concept of “Area Capability” as means of harmonizing ecosystem health with the welfare of humans to pave the way for enhancing the sustainability of the ecosystems and livelihoods of people in coastal areas. After that, Dr. Yuttana Theparoonrat kindly introduced the framework and arrangements of the session, then, Theme 1 and 2 were presented by the participants and facilitate by chairman. After finished each Theme, The Symposium had the plenary discussion on the strategies and ways forwards. On the last day, the strategies and policy recommendation for Theme 1 and 2 were adopted. The strategies and policy recommendations could serve as guide for the countries as well as for SEAFDEC in conducting the subsequent phases of the relevant projects that would be carries out starting 2015. Furthermore, These strategies and policy recommendations could be referred to while formulating activities that aim to promote sustainable fisheries resources enhancement. The proceeding of the Symposium will be published soon.