Report Trip for Household Survey at Rayong Province

Date: 19-23 May 2014

1. To interview fisheries household at coastal small-scale fisheries,
2. To collect secondary data from Municipality and Tambol Organization Administrative at coastal area of Rayong Province.


After SEAFDEC team informed Mr. Vuthichai Wangkha-art, Director of CMDEC, the background of SEAFDEC-RIHN project and objective of this trip, we met the head of fisher group and discussed on the interviewing plan. In addition, the team visited Leam Rung Ruang fisher group. We met vice leader group, Ms. Somsri, she gave us more information that small-scale fisheries of this group mostly from Rayong Province and moved to Leam Rung Ruang coastal area for fishing. Therefore, their hometown is in city and the second house is in Leam Rung Ruang area. The main fishing gear is blue swimming crab gill net. At Kon Puk fisher group, we could interview only a few fishers because most of them went to the sea for squid jigging, main fishing gear, and would come back in the next 4-5 days.
  The location of Leam Rung Ruang Fishers group (left), Kon Puk Fishers group (right).

Social team visited Nah Boat Yoan fisher group, which the member is about 50. The main fishing gear is squid jigging. Furthermore, the team visited Pak Nam Ban Rao fisher group which leader group is Mr. Lamom. The main fishing gear is shrimp trammel net, swimming crab gill net, and squid castnet. The number of member is around 60. The member of this group is decreasing after oil spill because there are conflict among members on compensation from PTT.  
The location of Nah Boat Yoan Fishers group (left), Pak Nam Ban Rao Fishers group (right).

In addition, the team visited one landing site on squid, which some squid castnet fishing boats are belong to Pak Nam Ban Rao fisher group. There were no any fishers there because some fishers stay at home and some fishers went to Prachuap Kiri Khan or Chumphon Provinces, the southern part of Thailand, for fishing after opening the closed season.


Social team collected the data in four fisher groups namely, Leam Rung Ruang, Kon Puk, Nah Boat Yuan, Paknam Ban Rao. The total samples of fisheries household of this trip is 53 samples. 8 samples from Leam Rung Ruang fisher group, 5 samples of Kon Puk fisher group, 13 samples of Nah Boat Yoan fisher group, and 27 samples of Pak Nam Ban Rao fisher group. The data will be input in excel and will be analyzed after all samples are collected. The remain samples of Rayong Province is 65 from 9 fisher groups, and the team try to finish it next trip.