Report Trip for fisheries household survey at Prachuap Kiri Khan Province

Date: 24-28 June 2013

1. To discuss and get more information on situation of coastal small-scale fisheries
2. To study on fisher group establishment and fisheries management activity
3. To interview fisheries household at coastal small-scale fisheries
4. To pre-test fish distribution questionnaire by middleman

 25 June 2013
SEAFDEC team discussed with CMDEC’s team on number of samples and survey plan of this trip. In the morning, social team visited Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi village to collect 11 samples, as well as discuss with fishers on group establishment and fisheries management. The main fishing gear of this group is anchovy castnet and squid trap, and main species are anchovy and soft cuttlefish. In the afternoon, we collected data at Baan Fung Dang village. The main fishing gear is bottom gill net, and the main specie is blue swimming crab. After that, we moved to Baan Chai Tale. The main fishing gear is anchovy castnet, and the main specie is anchovy.

26 June 2013
In the morning, social team divided into two teams, the first team collected data at Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi fishers group with 5 samples, and one middleman of soft cuttlefish. The second team collected data at Baan Fung Dang fishers group with 7 samples. In the afternoon, social team went to Baan Chai Tale fishers group to collect the data with 6 samples, and interview one company, which buy soft cuttlefish and dry anchovy in Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi village.

27 June 2013
In the morning, SEAFDEC team visited Baan Nong Samed fishers group to observe middleman for interviewing, the main specie is blue swimming crab and shrimp. We interviewed one middleman and one collector at. SEAFDEC team visited and interview one company, which buy dry anchovy in Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi and Baan Chai Tale village.

The total sample of this trip is 37 samples, from three fishers groups namely, Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi, Baan Fung Dang and Baan Chai Tale. From two surveys in 2013, we have finished 72 samples collected of Bang Sapannoi District.

In addition, Baan Pakklong Bang Sapnnoi fishers group, which is a big group, has members around 100 members. There are a lot of fishing gears in this group such as anchovy purse seine, anchovy castnet, bottom gill net, shrimp trammel net, squid trap and driving of sea urchin and clam. Now, this group has conflict among fishing gear, some small-scale fishermen complained anchovy castnet, because this fishing gear catch a lot of small fish such as small mackerel. According to this conflict, fishermen in this area have formed a new fishers group namely “Underwater resources (coral reef) conservation group of Baan Pakklong Bang Ssapannoi village” in 2011. There are 80 members, which compose of fishermen and owner of tourist boat. The objectives of this group are protecting coral reef and collection garbage underwater and beach.

For fish distribution, two middlemen and two companies were interviewed in this trip, one middleman buy soft cuttlefish, and another one middleman buy shrimp, blue swimming crab, squid and fish. One company buy soft cuttlefish and dry anchovy, and another one company buy only dry anchovy. At Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi village, middlemen have four fishermen. The middlemen sell to tourist and cold storage. The cold storage would buy soft cuttlefish 50-1000 kg per day from 3 big collectors and 2 small collectors. Soft cuttlefish frozen will be sent to main cold storage at Rayong Province, which export to Taiwan. In case of dry anchovy production, the cold storage company will buy from fishermen directly. The main market of this company is Malaysia.

For the structure of middleman at Baan Nong Samed fishers group, the middleman purchase products from two fishers groups namely, Baan Nong Samed and Baan Pakklong Bang Sapannoi village. Baan Nong Samed has one collector, who collected products from 30 fishermen and send to middleman. The middleman will sent all product to Talay-Thai Fish Market, Samut Sakorn day by day.