Report Trip for fisheries household survey at Rayong Province

Date: 10-14 June 2013

1. To discuss and get more information on situation of coastal small-scale fisheries
2. To study on fisher group establishment and fisheries management activity
3. To interview fisheries household at coastal small-scale fisheries
4. To pre-test fish distribution questionnaire by middleman

10 June 2013
SEAFDEC team met Director of EMDEC and informed her the objective of this trip and requested two staffs to collaborate with SEAFDEC’s staffs on the surveying. After that, social team went to each fishers group to make an appointment with leaders of fishers group of Ao Charoen fishers group, Wang Kaew fishers group, Klang Municipal fishers group and Ao Makham Pom fishers group. Our appointment was including the interviewing each leader of Fishers group on establishment fishers group, what kind of resources management activity which implement in their communities, fisheries problems, benefits from fishers group establishment and fish distribution.

11 June 2013
In the morning, social team visited Ao Makham Pom Fishers group to collect 8 samples, including interview one middleman, the main specie of this fishers group is blue swimming crab. In the afternoon, we collected data at Klang Municipal fishers group, with 11 samples, the total number of this group is 16 samples. The main specie of this group is soft cuttlefish.

12 June 2013
In the morning, social team divided into two teams to collect the data at Wang Kaew fishers group
with 7 samples, and Ao Charoen fishers group with 4 samples. In the afternoon, social team went to Klang Municipal fishers group to collect 5 samples, including interviewing one middleman, who bough soft cuttlefish.

13 June 2013
In the morning, SEAFDEC team visited Ao Makham Pom fishers group to interview 2 middlemen of blue swimming crab. In the afternoon, SEAFDEC team visited Klang Municipal fishers group to interview one company, which is the middleman who buy soft cuttlefish.

14 June 2013
SEAFDEC and EMDEC participated in the meeting of set net group meeting, the objective of this meeting was changing capital to share for all members (including former members).


The total samples of this trip are 35 samples in four fishers groups, the number of sample was calculated by extraction method. In addition, the total of small-scale fishers group in Rayong Province is 27 groups. The total of small-scale fishing boat is 1,312 fishing boats. The main aquatic animal is blue swimming crab and soft cuttlefish. There are two main activities for coastal resources rehabilitation. The first activity is crab bank activity and the second activity is FEDs (Fish Enhance Devices), which implemented at coastal area in each fishers group.

The middlemen at Ao Makham Pom Fishers group buy blue swimming crab from bottom gill net and collapsible crab trap. Blue swimming crab from bottom gill net will be landed in the morning. Middleman will buy live blue swimming crab directly from fishers and then sell to retailer and restaurant. For non-living crab, the middleman will sell to factory. For blue swimming crab from collapsible crab trap, it will be landed whole day. The middleman will buy and sent to retailer/restaurant/tourist and also to factory. In case of soft cuttlefish at Klang Municipal Fishers group, the middlemen buy fresh soft cuttlefish and send to restaurant/retailer and also export to Taiwan.