The training course on practical approach for enhancing community-based fisheries co-management in inland fisheries of Thailand

Date: 14 - 18 January 2013
Venue: Lamtakong Research Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand

Development Objective:
Community fisheries co-management is practiced widely which is an implication of training course of training for trainer on community fisheries co-management. The trained fisheries are able to convey knowledge and experiences obtained from the course to further disseminate to local community. Hence, local community will participated more in managing fisheries resources in the future.

Immediate Objectives:
1. Fisheries officers have knowledge on the important role of sustainable fisheries resources management, fisheries law, and appropriate Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS).

2. Fisheries officer thoroughly understand the principle of community fisheries resources co-management, rights-based fisheries management, community-based co-management, mobile hatchery, nursery cage/pen and fish release.

3. Fisheries officers aware the importance of socio-economic information and its linkage to fisheries management for the sake of improving livelihood.

The on-site training was conducted by collaboration among SEAFDEC, Department of Fisheries (DOF), Thailand and Japanese Trust Fund (JTF). The Secretary-General of SEAFDEC, Dr. Chumnarn Pongsri, and The Deputy Secretary-General and JTF Manager, Mr. Kenji Matsumoto, kindly delivered a welcome speech to all the participants. As well as, the Deputy Director-General of Fisheries, Mr. Surajit Intarachit, kindly declared the training open. The participants in this training, totally 40 persons, were the fisheries officers who responsible for inland fisheries management.

During 5 days training, the participants were received and learned a lot of the important role of resource management, community-based co-management, Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS), rights-based fisheries including the importance of socio-economic information. Beside, the resource persons from DOF also kindly presented on fisheries law, the case study of Huay Luang reservoir and Songkham river, mobile hatchery and fish releasing technique as well as installation and operation of nursery fish cage and fish pen.

In addition,  The mobile hatchery and fish releasing technique were demonstrated to the participants at the Lamtakong Research Station. Furthermore, the demonstration on fish cage and fish pen nursery were presented to the participants and 40 fishermen at the Lamtakong reservoir. The DOF also gave the fry fish comprised of Silver Barb and Common Carp (totally 100,000 fish) and the private company gave Julian's Golden Prize Crap (2,000 fish) for fish releasing. After finished the training, the participants received the certificate and the fisherman received the souvenir.