The third on-site workshop on local users' participation for managing environment friendly to sustainable fisheries

Date: 6-8 July 2010
Ban Thongkrog Village, Bangnamjeud Sub-district, Langsuan District, Chumphon Province

Objective of the workshop:

1. To promote local fishers and residence to recognize an importance of environment friendly to sustainable fisheries.

2. To build up and strengthen local people’s awareness on responsible fisheries resource utilization friendly to environment.

3. To promote local fishers and residence participated in sustainable fisheries management.

Activity implementation:

The third on-site training was the last training which focuses on the environment in the community and environment’s problems through the way to solve those problems. Dr. Phattareeya S. was kindly presented on the environment and management in the community. In addition, the problems found in the community were garbage elimination and waste water drainage, and lack of awareness of local uses which this problem effect to community marine environment. Moreover, the audiences are recommended another problem that is inadequate of the garbage management system. They said that it should have campaign and educational of garbage management.

The audiences were divided into three groups and discuss on the method to solve the problems which was; 1. Stop burning and make organic fertilizer, 2. Garbage separation and garbage bank, 3. Building awareness on economically using water. The audiences needed to analysis the strength and weakness on their respective topic. After that, the representative of each group was request to present their result. The result of the evaluation show that the audiences satisfied on this workshop. Moreover, they recommend that the workshop should be organized in the afternoon because some audiences need to work in the morning.