Training on Enhancement and Rehabilitation of Blue Swimming Crab for Local People at Ban Thong Kroke

Date: 11 November 2008
Venue: Ban Thong Krok, Bangnamjued, Langsuan, Chumphon (Thailand)

29 local people are engaging in fisheries and agriculture joined the training. The objectives of the training were providing technical knowledge on crab resources enhancement and management to local people and support local people to effectively contribute crab bank management in the community to secure job opportunity in the future. During the training Mr. Tanadol is the chief of fisheries extension section, the Chumphon Provincial Fisheries Office gave welcome address to local people and fisheries officials. He emphasized on the purpose of the training. After finished opening activity, Dr. Mali was also invited to describe the concept of eco-labeling to the training. She emphasized that the practice of this concept which was needed local people participated with local officer to make use of marketing driven sustainable fisheries resource strategy.
After that Ms. Siriwan Nouseng who is a technical officer from the Suratthani Coastal Aquaculture Center introduced and gave information of the blue swimming crab life cycle including hatchery and nursing. At the end of her presentation, local people raised some questions and discussed in order to fulfill knowledge of participants for applying and practices.

Before the training is finished, Mr. Ampol Krutthani, the head of Ban Kopitak village delivered his experience on crab bank establishment and management to the training. He placed an emphasis on local people’s participation in the crab bank activity and included other fisheries resource management activities. He recommended that set net fisheries management and rope fish aggregating device might be effective tool to promote coastal fisheries management. He needed a chance to visit each management activity and sought support from the fisheries officials.

Mr. Prasert has worked for the Bureau of Fisheries Administration and Management. He clarified the project concept and plan named principal fisheries community (chumchon-tonbab, in Thai). The project has main purpose to encourage local users to participate in coastal fisheries resource management in order to reduce enforcement cost. In addition, the project was also planned to set up network of fisheries community to strengthen activities of coastal fisheries resource management along the coast of Chumphon Province.

Finally, SEAFDEC representative, Dr.Phattareeya Suanrattanachai made a conclusion of the training that local people received information and knowledge of crab resource life cycle, importance of local people’ s participation based on head of village experience, the projects and plan of the Bureua of Fisheries Administration and Management. Regarding the recommended issues such as set net fisheries management and rope fish aggregating device information, SEAFDEC informed that these information transfers might be done, however, the staff needed to consult and check availability of the project budget. Then, the staff would contact the villages later on the feasibility to hold a meeting or training at the villages.

List of parties concerned
Chumphon Provincial Fisheries Office
1. Mr. Supochana Jungyampin Chief of the Office
2. Mr. Tanadol JanKhuen Fisheries Extension Officer

Chumphon Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center
1. Mr. Rochanarute Rungrueng Fisheries Biologist
2. Mr. Nantapol Suksamran Fisheries Biologist
3. Mr. Anuchit Hannurak Fisheries Biologist
4. Ms. Bangon Kampaer Fisheries Biologist
5. Ms. Wanpen Chooyai Fisheries Biologist

Suratthani Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center
1. Ms. Jantana Mahasawas Fisheries Biologist
2. Ms. Siriwan Nuoseng Fisheries Biologist

Chumphon Fisheries Administrative and Management Center
1. Mr. Prasert Chief, Fisheries Officer
2. Mr. Nisit Vechayan Fisheries Officer
3. Mr. Somporn Yiisaman Fisheries Officer
4. Mr. Direk Saelim Fisheries Officer
5. Mr. Chusak Saelim Fisheries Officer