Report trip to Monitor and Evaluate Co-management in Nam Oon Dam

Date: 15-19 May 2016
Venue: Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand

1. To install the buoy for conservation zone.
2. To survey fish species by using long line fishing gear.
3. To attend the traditional ceremony on destined fish with the local community.
4. To produce the video documentation on Co-management activities in the local community.


1. Discussion on work plan with DOF officer

SEAFDEC team and DOF staff of Fisheries Management unit of Nam Oon Dam were meeting at Nam Oon Dam Fishery Management Unit. We discuss on the work plan that would be conducted within 3 days.

The first activity was install the buoy which provide by SEAFDEC/TD to demarcated conservation zone (area 643 Rai) which located between 2 communities: Ban Dong Kam Pho and Ban Nachuak for dividing the responsibility of 2 communities in order to conserve the area. The position of sign buoy was discussed and defined follow the official document that was announced the conservation area by local organization with agreement from communities. SEAFDEC/TD prepared 15 sign buoys which was made of the container size 100 liters putting cement inside cover with white color (easy for observe in the night time). The buoy was fixed in the water by using cement block size 40x30x25 cm. and approximate weight around 50 kg. The conservation zone was indicated by 7 buoys in each side and one buoy was installed to separate responsibility area of two communities

The second activity was conduct the trial Long line fishing gear for fish species in difference water depth with two type of long line: vertical and horizontal. Three types of bait were used, namely, tilapia fingerling, tadpole and earthworm which would prepared by Nam Oon Fisheries Management Unit. the long lines were set in the fishing ground which suggested by fishers and  would be harvested on the next day early morning. The total catch was three Bagrid catfish.

The third activity was organize the local meeting at Ban Thai Chareon to present the fishing ground mapping and fish calendar. The data on fish species and fishing ground were collected from fishing logbook which recorded by fisher themselves. Ms. Jariya Sornkliang presented on the fish species and fishing ground from the logbook recorded by fisher volunteers. She also asked the fishers to clarify the local name of fish species.

The forth activity was attend the traditional ceremony of destined fish and fish releasing at Ban Thai Chareon village. The traditional ceremony on fish destined is taking a merit to the fisheries resources because the local people believe that they utilize fisheries resources for living whole year and they would like to build awareness on fisheries resource conservation. This ceremony was organized by the villagers themselves of Ban Thai Chareon and Ban Huay Lek Fai community with financial supported from local organization. In addition, the head of Nikom Nam Oon District kindly gave the opening remark. Then, 500,000 Silver barb and 70 Mekong giant catfish were released. These fish released were supported by Department of Fisheries. SEAFDEC media team took a short video during the meeting, and also make a stock shot on Co-management activity/ traditional ceremony of destined fish for SEAFDEC’s VDO production.

In addition, SEAFDEC/TD produced three permanent sign boards and 20 Vinyls for announcement of fisheries management measure, and gave to Nam Oon Fisheries Management Unit for setting at the fishing communities. SEAFDEC also provided Polo shirts to the fisher volunteers who record fish catch data in the fishing logbook.