Local workshop in Nam Oon Dam, Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand

Date: 25-26 November 2014
Venue: Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand

1. Fisheries officers understand the situation of Nam Oon Dam, on problem and needed from fisheries community.
2. Fisheries community understand the resources situation, and how to manage to be sustainable.
3. Fisheries community and fisheries officers aware the important of co-management, community-based resources management and right-based management.
4. Fisheries community of Nam Oon Dam has committee to be network on fisheries management.

The workshop were divided into two sessions, lecture and group discussion. The lecture was presented by resource persons from Department of Fisheries and SEAFDEC. The lectures were about 1) "Inland Fisheries Management and Law and measurement setting for Fisheries" to enhance knowledge of the participants and 2) "Co-management in ASEN Countries, Participatory Activities of Fisheries Management" to transfer the experiences of fisheries co-management in Southeast Asian and activities for co-management. Moreover, SEAFDEC presented the results of the base line survey at Num Oon that were collected during 2-9 July 2014. The results of survey showed 1) the demographic information and fisheries character, 2) fisheries problems and resolution, 3) fishers perception on fisheries co-management and fish distribution.

In addition, there were three topics for the group discussion session:
1. Fishing gear and fishing activities, which composed of two sub-topics: 1) Types of allow  fishing gear and 2) Prohibited fishing gear.
2. Spatial/Fishing ground composed of four sub-topics: 1) Conservation and sanctuary area under law and regulation, 2) Close season, 3) Protected area, and 4) Fishing ground allow by gear/fishing activities.
3. New close season setting through community rule, which composed of three sub-topics: 1) Close season only some area, 2) Close season in some fishing habitat, and 3) Close season during dry season.  

After finish group discussion, each group presented the result to all participants. For the first group (fishing gear and fishing activities), the participants suggested that DOF's officers should cooperate with villagers to monitor and promote juvenile conservation area. Moreover, it should stop shooting and diving fisheries. For the second group (spatial/fishing ground), it should make clear on the boundary of conservation zone as well as it should increase more conservation zone and fish house. It should establish community committee and set the community rules. Furthermore, it should collect entry fee from outsider fishers. For the third group (new close season setting through community rule), duration of close season should be changed based on research study as well as increase conservation zone and set fishing zone during close season.

After present results of group discussion, the workshop was end by inspector of Department of Fisheries, Ms. Sirirak Suvanrangsri. She express her appreciated on this workshop that it was very useful for co-management and community based management in Nam Oon Dam. Besides, she hope that this program can be a good model to other inland fisheries management in Thailand .