The first on-site workshop on environment friendly to sustainable fisheries

Date: 4-6 May 2010
Ban Thongkrog Village, Bangnamjeud Sub-district, Langsuan District, Chumphon Province

Objective of the workshop:

1. To promote local fishers and residence to recognize an importance of environment friendly to sustainable fisheries.

2. To build up and strengthen local people’s awareness on responsible fisheries resource utilization friendly to environment.
3. To promote local fishers and residence participated in sustainable fisheries management.

Activity implementation:

Thirty-four local residences, which were adult and school children, participated in the workshop. Two SEAFDEC staffs described the workshop on presentation and activities conducted. The presentation was the result of the interviewing with practice of local residence on community environmental management and information concerned garbage and waste management to alleviate decline of coastal environment and sustain fisheries resources. According to these presentations, the audiences understood usual neighbor’s practice of garbage elimination in their community. Burn means have been used to eliminate daily garbage of each household that smoke and ash caused to breathing disease included an increase of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. These types of gas emission increased affection of climate change to environment as well-known cycle of climate change impact. Besides, practice of local residence on waste water elimination directly drained to the ground surrounded to a household. This practice might cause to an increase of phosphorus coming from watching waste water, a decrease of dissolved oxygen in the sea water due to an increase of organic matters and algae blooms. All audiences received knowledge and information concerned cause and affection from poor garbage and waste water management.

To evaluate how far audiences understood the workshop, the workshop evaluation form was distributed to the audiences to fill out the form. There were twenty audience responded the form. The report of the evaluation would merely focus on what the audiences gained and their suggestion and recommendation should be done for improving environment in their community.

Gained knowledge:
1. Received knowledge and information which could be adapt to use in the household
2. Received knowledge on negative affection coming from burning, waste water drain and management and usefulness of recycle practice.

3. Burning and gas emission caused to green house affected

4. Waste water management in a household and recycle
5. Gained knowledge could be transferred to other neighbors

6. Toxic matter polluted to environment and caused to poor health

7. An importance of garbage management recycle

8. Participated in the workshop

9. Environmental conservation
10. Awareness building on garbage management
11. Keep beach clean

12. Stop throwing garbage to the sea in order to conserve aquatic resources.

Suggestion and Recommendation:
1. Should have more time to organize workshop and should regularly do at least three times year.

2. All residence should mutually help managing garbage.

3. Government agency concerned should involve and support the community to manage garbage for sustainable manner.

4. Should genuinely practice after the workshop

5. The organizer should inform the community earlier in order to have massive residence’s participation in the workshop.

6. Residence can practice at household.

7. Residences should be interested in garbage management.

8. Should secondly organize the workshop to build up awareness of local residences.