Following-up SEAFDEC-DOF Project in Chumphon Province

Date: 26-29 May 2009
Venue: Langsuan District, Chumphon Province, Thailand

SEAFDEC staff visited and informed the head of Baan Tongkroke village, Mr. Kasem Sangbangka, on the purpose of this visiting which was to interview local people on the affection of FEDs installation and how to manage FEDs by using questionnaire and discussion.

Mr. Kasem informed SEAFDEC staffs that the activity of FEDs installation was interested by other three adjacent sub-districts namely Bang Namjued, Pak Num Langsuan, Bang Ma Phroa and Na Pa Ya. These four sub-districts had discussed and made a plan to install FEDs along coastal line of their respective villages under the DOF project named principal fisheries community led by Bureau of Fisheries Management and Administration. However, now it is processing committee establishment and finding budget source. The Pak Nam Langsuan Fisheries Association is an important partner to support FEDs installation in kind and cash, tentatively. In addition, he also clarified the plan of “Temporary Market” every Wednesday for selling aquatic yields from local fishers and other products from the local villagers.

Mr. Ampol Krutthani, the head of Baan Kohpitak requested for the FEDs manual which will be used as information for setting up other FEDs to promote and rehabilitate fisheries resource in Langsuan District. Moreover, he recommended on crab bank management and promotion that should have more crab bank cage which locates not far from fisher’s household for crab releasing easily.

SEAFDEC staff have discussed with Mr. Wairat Patharn, who is chair of crab bank conservation group. The staff purposed the group to practice on data collection of crab bank management, so SEAFDEC staff asked for cooperation from the group member to collect gravid crab releasing into the crab bank as data. The staff and fishery officials in Chumphon will support and make a data recording sheet, after that sent the sheet and taught them for recording.

Data collection on monitoring FEDs installation and management

There were 23 interviewees divided into two villages which was 17 and 6 persons from Ban Tongkroke and Ban Kohpitak villages, respectively. The result was local people satisfied with FEDs. Although FEDs were installed just only 2 month, most of fishers realized that FED has many advantages, for example; fishing ground, aquatic resource restoration, fish increasing, habitat for small aquatic resource and defend from trawl.

However, FEDs got some damage and sink down into the sea because there were more shell or barnacle hang on a rope, in order to solve this problem buoy should be added for making a balance of FEDs.

In addition, they requested more 5-6 FEDs installation in front of their village (distance are 200-300 m. from shore line), especially trap fisherman because FED will prevent trawls fishery from their trap. And FED Platform should be longer used as habitat increasing of fish. Furthermore, interviewees were agreed, if there are representatives of each village were responsible for managing and monitoring FEDs.

Since FEDs were set up in this area seemed to them the fisheries resources are enhancing and they really hope in the future these will be an opportunity for eco-tourism.

At Chumphon Fisheries Provincial Office and Chumphon Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center

In the last day, SEAFDEC staffs visited the Chumphon Fisheries Provincial Office and Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center, respectively. Then, the staffs summarized the information which has got from the data collection from fishers based on the FED project and monitoring. And also SEAFDEC staffs asked for the collaboration and support from both offices to follow-up activities of FED project and other project that head village are planning and also including the training workshop for the fisher group which will be organized in July 2009.